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Here at SMC Safety Solutions we have a team of highly qualified experts with over a decade of experience delivering health and safety training and consultations all designed and adapted to meet our client’s needs!  Working with companies all over London, Essex and Suffolk our courses and consultations are created to help small to medium sized businesses avoid any legal issues over their responsibility of care over their employee’s; either through training their staff to manage the health and safety within their company or through providing health and safety consultations.


All of our courses and consultations are delivered by trained and qualified health and safety consultants to ensure that all of our advice, direction and training is practical and professional leaving your company able to effectively implement effective health and safety policies and management systems that are sure to make a difference to any organisation!

Are you worried that your organisation isn’t following the correct health and safety policies and procedures?  You’re not the only one! Many small to medium sized businesses find it difficult to effectively manage and stay up to date with all of the latest developments in health and safety legislation. Unfortunately not managing the health and safety within your organisation correctly can lead to pretty costly consequences with a fine, penalty or even through a customer or employee injury!


Luckily there is any easy solution, at SMC Safety Solutions we specialise in consulting small to medium sized business on the correct and safe way to carry out health and safety within their organisation. Complying with the latest in in health and safety legislation is imperative as business owners are liable for any accidents that may occur within their business. Every company needs something different from their health and safety consultation; over the years we pride ourselves on being able to effectively meet their needs.  Having consulted a variety of different business in a diverse range of industries our professional consultants have a wealth of knowledge all just waiting your call.


To find out more about our health and safety consultation services and how we can help your organisation contact us today!

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